We are a boutique studio located in the heart of the Upper East Side. We are dedicated to:

  • Movement Efficiency

  • Bodywork

  • Longevity Strategies

  • Whole Food Habits

Fred Moura - Founder + Main practitioner

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Fred says, “Rio shaped my cognitive thinking, my capacity to adapt and to be proficient in any kind of environment and sport.” He believes that judo, soccer, surfing and rock climbing created enough variables in his body’s life that made him smarter physically & mentally. Some highlights of Fred’s journey:

  • 10 years of Judo & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Over 30 years of Surfing

  • Competitive Soccer - from 4 years of age to D1 level in Brasil as a young adult

  • 15 years as a professional Rock Climber/Instructor/Tour Guide in Rio

  • 10 years as an Outdoor Team Building Senior Consultant Corporations & High Schools/Elementary Schools in Rio

  • 9 years working as Certified Personal Trainer & Licensed Massage Therapist in NYC

Liz King - Partner + Nutrition Chef

She is one of kind!!!!

Upper East Side, Manhattan

320 East 65th street, Suite 519 New York NY 10065.

Monday – Friday: 6AM – 8PM
Saturday: 7AM – 2PM
Sunday: only by appointment