Variability in movement and intensity, creates resilience, enhances performance and improves longevity
— Fred Moura

Movement Efficiency

This is our outcome based program for amateur athletes. Get that edge you need to do better on your beloved sport:

  • Unloaded & Loaded 3-D Movement to maximize sports performance

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Relative Strength Vs. Core Strength

60 minutes



Gentle + rhythmic movements to regain & repair natural range of motion:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Pre/pos surgery/trauma Interventions

  • Longevity

60 minutes

Moving & Playing

Movements to engage cognitive thinking & spatial awareness at young age:

  • Improves Coordination & Body Awareness

  • Confidence & Spatial Perception

45 - 50 minutes

Movement Empowerment Class

Movement Beyond Exercise

Movement Beyond Exercise

For people in high demand enclosed work environments:

  • Simple strategies to mitigate daily aches & pains

  • Rese the brain & increase mental performance

45 - 50 minutes

Online Movement Classes

Sub-maximal “work-in” for longevity

Sub-maximal “work-in” for longevity

Simple movements to improve overall health:

  • Learn how to Turn Off the Body

  • Improve Body Awareness

  • Increases Mental & Physical Control

30 - 45 minutes

Light Art Mobility

@clockwork Jiu Jitsu (PMA)

@clockwork Jiu Jitsu (PMA)

Movement Strategies of Conditioning & Recovery for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

45 minutes

Our anatomy has been decided by the butchers that hold the knife. What they don’t realize, is that our biomechanics has more bio than mechanics. And, that our design relies more on the wholeness that connects it all together than its parts. Myofascial connections that changes direction of “origin” and “insertion” by internal and external demands.
— Fred Moura